At Little Promises Academy, we recognize and celebrate the talents of our dedicated, creative, and hardworking teachers who care passionately about children, families, and each other. 

We truly believe that our exceptional employees are the reason why LPA is able to offer the very best child development.

LPA is 100% committed to providing the means, opportunities, and encouragement for our staff to reach their full potential. 

We support our employees with outstanding professional development opportunities, a competitive compensation package and valuable benefits – all in an inspiring, innovative, and fun work environment!

Our goal is to provide a supportive, nurturing environment with well-rounded developmental programs that are appropriate to each child’s intellectual, emotional, and social needs. Each child’s unique development time frame is respected. Our teachers act as learning facilitators, helping the children actively guide their own progress.

Employee Benefits Include:

  • Employee Referral Program
  • Family Referral Program
  • Paid holiday, vacation, and sick time
  • Employee discount on child care
  • Professional, respectful, fun environment
  • Opportunities for Professional Advancement