Our Program

Our customized curriculum consists of several programs:



o Nurtures each child’s healthy growth and development

o Engages your infant in language and communication, motor skills, and social-emotional development during daily routines and intentional learning experiences. 


o Promotes communication skills and vocabulary, fine and gross motor movement and development, and creative expression.


o Involves hands-on learning role playing, manipulatives, basic library, listening and social skills. Each week our teachers choose a topic and develop a unique hands-on learning experience covering Language, Math, Discovery, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, and Art. 

Pre – K 

o This structured curriculum covers Language, Math, Discovery/Nature, Fine and Gross Motor, Writing, Spanish and Art. Certified teachers prepare the children for school readiness using this well-balanced curriculum. 

Afternoon Enrichment

o This program builds upon the seven subjects with well–planned and organized activities that reinforce the morning program. Activities include exploration through Art, Science, Music, Yoga, Games and Technology.

School – Age

o Provides after–school program in a fun, safe, and stimulating environment that provides homework help and organized, theme–based activities. 

Summer Camp

o Offers a variety of exciting themes designed to stimulate the child’s creativity, imagination and fluency. Focus in on continuing academic skills while having fun, including weekly field trips for school–age students.